The Ultimate BOO-chelorette Party Guide

The Ultimate BOO-chelorette Party Guide

Plus, a BONUS recipe you won’t want to miss…

For many years, I was madly in love with wedding and event planning. This eventually pushed me to pursue certificates in both event coordinating and event décor. I was determined to start my own business.

After years of preparation, I had my new client worksheet drafted and my business name chosen. But, right about the time I was ready to file for my EIN, the name Messy Masterpiece Blog popped into my head.

What started off as an online diary, quickly evolved into a full time job. I discovered that blogging ignited a spark in me even bigger than event planning ever did.

However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t get excited at the occasional opportunity to stretch my event planner muscles. Like, when my childhood best friend IS GETTING MARRIED! WOOO!

To make matters even more exciting, her wedding is in late October. This means that her bachelorette party can actually be a BOO-chelorette party…an overlooked Fall wedding idea that I’d love to share with all of you!

So, buckle up friends. I’m taking you on a crash course in how to throw the ultimate Boo-chelorette party. Be sure not to miss the recipe for my own Scotcher-BOO recipe at the end!

Get ready, get set….PLAN!

The Theme

After choosing a party date, the theme is the first step in planning an awesome party. BOO-chelorette party themes can range from super classy, to casual, to a little bit raunchy. Make sure you take into account the bride’s personality, likes, and dislikes before making your decision.

A few BOO-chelorette theme ideas are…

  • Boos & Booze
  • She Found Her Boo
  • This Witch Is Getting Hitched
  • Ms. To Mrs. With All My Witches
  • Til Death Do Us Party
  • Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • RIP Single Life

All of these ideas can be customized further by choosing a color scheme. If you want to add some extra class, throw in a metallic color like gold, silver, or copper. My friend chose the theme “Boos & Booze” with the traditional color scheme of orange, green, purple, and black.

BOO-chelorette party

The Décor

BOO-chelorette party
BOO-chelorette party

Once you have your theme and your color scheme, choosing décor becomes much easier. Regardless of budget, there are ways to keep a consistent design plan throughout your entire event.

Some items to consider for décor are…

  • florals
  • moss, hay or stalks
  • pumpkins, gourds, & corn
  • candles & holders
  • banners & signs
  • themed food & drink
  • skeletons & props
  • rental equipment
  • linens
  • dinnerware & servingware
  • balloons & confetti
  • draping & lighting

Low budget? Stick to themed paper products like banners, premade party packs, or DIY décor. Pinterest is a gold mine for any of the themes listed above! Repurposing your own Halloween decorations or keeping an eye out for garage sales can also land you some inexpensive, unique finds. If you’re looking to give your guests the creeps, toss some plastic cockroaches on top of the buffet table. WINK!

High budget? Customize it up! Bring in glass dishes and linens. Shop for special effects items like fog machines, up-lights, and fresh florals. Rent professional Halloween decorations. The options are endless.

Somewhere in-between budget? Mix and match low and high budget items depending on your priorities. For example, I brought in organic textures like mossy stems and skeletons on top of dollar store tablecloths. I also printed banners and the bride found some deals on Amazon.

For me, parties are all about the environment. Whether it casual, modern, or formal, the aesthetic will most likely determine whether your guests remember it as a positive experience or not. They might forget the food and the activities, but they won’t forget the way they felt. Keep that in mind when choosing your décor.


Speaking of budget, printables are highly underrated ways to save money. Especially, with the use of Canva and Etsy digital downloads. You can find, or create, just about any theme and color scheme design you want! The invitation designs featured here were created in Canva, downloaded, then set out in text form. Easy and FREE!

This same process can be repeated for thank you notes, banners, signs, and labels. Canva also offers printing options for an extra cost if you want a more professional appearance.

This is also a great way to add in some subtle “raunch” for the more modest, or introverted, bride. For my friend’s party, we took a “hidden Mickey” approach. Much like finding the hidden mouse shapes in the Disney parks, you could find hidden penis silhouettes spread out in the printed décor. After all, you can’t have a bachelorette party without at least one phallus nod. WINK!

The Food & Drink

In my experience, charcuterie boards are the MVP of party foods. They are 100% customizable and are a perfect way to accommodate a wide range of dietary restrictions.

After you’ve decided on your food, you can move on to your drinks. Typically, bachelorette parties include many alcoholic options, but it’s not required. Some bride’s are heavier partiers than others, so make sure you consider the bride before committing one way or another.

BOO-chelorette party
BOO-chelorette party


BOO-chelorette party

A BOO-chelorette party is incomplete without activities. The first, and most obvious, option is holding a costumes contest. Not only does this encourage people to dress up (making great party pictures), but costumes serve as the perfect ice breaker between guests that may not know each other very well. Winner of the contest wins a trophy or a prize.

If you’re including favors, you can also make those an activity. Provide a self-serve candy bar for your guests to trick-or-treat at or have guests make gourmet caramel apples.


Whether you’re looking for a modest get together, or a party night in, a BOO-chelorette party is a great way to celebrate your bride’s last days as a single. BOO-chelorette parties are unique, fun, and memorable for everyone involved.

The only thing that makes a night of friends, food, and fun better is a sweet treat to top it all off. So, without further adieu…please allow me to introduce you to my Scotcher-BOO bars…

BONUS: Scotcher-BOO Recipe

Looking for a treat to satisfy your sweet tooth? This is it! Crunchy, salty, gooey, and oh so tasty! The best part? They are peanut free, dairy free, and gluten free!

The worst part?…Having to wait until they are set!

The Ultimate BOO-chelorette Party Guide

Recipe by Messy MasterpieceCourse: Uncategorized


Prep time


Cooking time




  • 1 cup sugar

  • 1 cup honey

  • 1 cup plus 1 tbsp SunButter (crunchy or creamy)

  • 1 tsp vanilla

  • 2 cups popcorn

  • 1 1/2 cup rice chex

  • 1 1/2 cup rice crispies

  • 1 jar marshmallow fluff

  • 2 bags Enjoy Life semi-sweet chocolate chips

  • sprinkles or Enjoy Life mini white chocolate chips


  • Combine popcorn, chex, and crispies into a large bowl.
  • In a medium saucepan, bring sugar and honey to a rolling boil, stirring frequently. Remove from heat and add vanilla and SunButter.
  • Pour hot mixture over cereal mixture and stir until well combined. Press into a greased 9×13 pan.
  • Carefully spread marshmallow fluff on top of mixture while warm. Refrigerate until cooled and set.
  • Microwave both bags of chocolate chips and 1 tbsp of SunButter together until melted, stirring every 30 seconds.
  • Pour melted chocolate mixture on top of set marshmallow fluff. Top with sprinkles or white chips.
  • Refrigerate until chocolate is set.

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