Good Morning Mother’s Day

Good Morning Mother's Day

The morning light is gleaming through the curtains. You’re nestled in a pile of warm blankets when the smell of coffee hits your senses. Down the hall, you hear the clanking of pans and the sizzle of something hitting a hot skillet. Tiny giggles get masked with adult hushes in order to not ruin the surprise…but you know…breakfast in bed is eminent.

In this post, I’m excited to highlight some of my Messy Masterpiece breakfast favorites that are sure to make any mother’s morning extra special. The best part? All of these recipes are clean eating friendly…even though they don’t taste like it.

Each of the following recipes are easy to make, highly customizable, and packed with flavor goodness. Whether the woman of honor prefers savory or sweet, there’s something for everyone. So, fire up the coffee maker and get ready to make some mmm-mazing memories this Mother’s Day.


This MMB original recipe is one of our family’s morning favorites. These grain free, dairy free, and paleo friendly pancakes are the perfect recipe for little hands to lend a helping hand. You can make it even easier by mixing all the batter ingredients together in a blender.

If you want to get fancy, you can go wild with your mom’s favorite flavors. The original post boasts combinations like banana foster and apple pie, but the options are endless! Change the pancake flavor, change the topping, or add fillings between layers for an extra special variation!

Find the recipe at my post Paleo Pancake Palooza.


Though these recipes may not MMB originals, they were the original foundation to my paleo diet menu. When I first started eating clean, I wasn’t a fan of many of the options. Then one day, I stumbled upon this Bacon Sweet Potato Hash and my mornings were off to a yummier start.

Among the bacon and sweet potato combo, this Sweet Potato Veggie Skillet and this Apple Sausage Hash became my favorites. If you’d rather not follow a recipe, just chop up a combination of your mom’s favorite hash ingredients and sauté until tender. Really, you can’t go wrong!


Somewhere between a true French crepe and a Swedish pancake, this MMB original recipe has been one of my blog’s VIPs. Grain free, dairy free, but definitely not flavor free. And bonus…there’s both sweet and savory flavor options!

I like to fill my sweet crepes with Kite Hill’s dairy free cream cheese and maple syrup. We’ve also tried SunButter, Nutella, and fresh cut berries. For savory, nothing beats the traditional flavors of egg, sausage, bacon, or ham. You can also add dairy free cheese sautéed veggies for boosted flavor. Feel free to get creative!

Find the recipe at my post Sweet and Savory Crepes.

Egg Bites

Are you in need of a make ahead option? Then I strongly urge you to consider these addictive egg bites. Make a bunch, pop them in the freezer, and toss a few in the microwave for a grab n’ go Mother’s Day breakfast.

These easy egg bites are an adaptation of my favorite paleo breakfast casserole. As much as I love a big pan of casserole goodness, I don’t love when half of it goes to waste. This freezer bite option is the perfect solution for family’s that have a love-hate relationship with eggs like mine.

Find the recipe at my post Easy Make Ahead Egg Bites.


Biological mom. Step mom. Mother in law. Foster or adopted mom. Honorary Mom. Regardless of what mother category you fall into, food is the universal love language of the world. Nothing says “I love you, mom” quite like a homemade meal made by the ones she loves.

The recipe for success is simple. Pick a main dish from this post, pick a side or two, add a cup of coffee or a fresh mimosa (or both), and serve it to her in bed. Simply taking the time and making an effort will be a gift she remembers for years to come. Just make sure to do the dishes afterwards or the memory you get may not be the memory you were aiming for…Wink!

Happy Mother’s Day from my home to yours!

Good Morning Mother's Day

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