Wild Zora Product Review

Wild Zora Product Review

Wild Zora Product Review

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Adventurous. If you were to Google this word, my name would NOT be on the list of synonyms. In fact, I tend to relate more to Ben Stiller’s character in the movie Along Came Polly. I’m all about that calculated risk!

For all you “fly by the seat of my pants” folk, this means the potential benefits of any decision need to far outweigh the potential threat in order for me to take a chance. Except in one very special category…food.

I’m always on the lookout for new restaurants, new menu additions, and new products. I’m pretty sure my must-try food bucket list is over a mile long! Food is not only my life’s greatest adventure, it’s also my love language.

So, it was no surprise to my husband when he found a package on our front step filled with brand packaging he’s never seen. You see, a couple of weeks ago I learned about a brand named Wild Zora and had to give them a try!

Wild Zora’s products are AIP, paleo, and free from several top food allergens. They are made to be quick and convenient, which are not typically synonyms of paleo eating. They offer everything from instant oatmeal alternatives to soups to dried fruit. However, they are best known for their original product…the meat and veggie bars. Since I couldn’t decide which product to try first, I decided to order a variety and host a good old fashioned taste test!

Wild Zora Product Review

Meat & Veggie Bars

First up in the taste test were the meat and veggie bars. In my mind, I was expecting these bars to have a jerky like texture. So, I was thrown for a loop when I took a bite and discovered the bars were actually soft! While it was nice not to feel like I was chewing leather, it was just a difficult taste-texture combination for my mind to wrap around.

The taste was not bad, but certain flavors were better than others. My favorite flavors were the Italian and bbq beef. The other three (apple pork, curry turkey, and Mediterranean lamb) broke one of my top food rules. “If I can taste the animal or environment in which the food came from, it’s a NO for me.”

Would I buy this product again? The beef flavors…maybe. These bars are a super convenient snack option to have on hand. However, I just don’t think I loved this product enough to justify the price.


Next up, the soups! I’m a sucker for a good soup. Especially one that only takes a few minutes to make. The directions were to pour the packet into a bowl and top with boiling water. Then, let it sit for a few minutes so the dehydrated meat and veggies could rehydrate.

Unfortunately, even after a lengthy soak, the pieces were super small and the bowl was mainly broth. However, with the addition of some salt and a few leftover pieces of chicken and veggies from the night before, it was delicious! It would make a great paleo option to sip on when sick or to use as a soup base. All the options had good flavor, they just lacked substance.

Would I buy this product again? I might keep a box on hand in the winter in case of illness or to sip on during a cold, snowy night. But again, due to cost, it’s not a product I find worthy enough to add to my weekly grocery list.

Instant Cereals

Last but not least, we arrive at the instant cereals. Have you ever woke up on a cold morning and craved a piping hot bowl of oatmeal? I know I have! Unfortunately, oatmeal (along with pizza) has been one of those illusive foods that paleo substitutes just can’t replace. Until now…

The directions for the Wild Zora instant cereal was the same as their soups. Pour the packet into a bowl, top with boiling water, and let sit. This time, the contents soaked up the liquid to form a thick, hearty breakfast. These packets are naturally not sweet, but a little pure maple syrup on top took these flavors to the next level. You can also add fresh fruit, Sunbutter, nuts, seeds, or anything else normally tossed on oatmeal, though I don’t think it’s needed. These packets are hearty and high calorie enough on their own.

Would I buy this product again? Absolutely! My favorite flavor was the banana bread followed closely by the tropical fruit. Then came apple pie, blueberry muffin, and lastly, carrot cake. If you’ve been looking for a grain free oatmeal alternative, I highly recommend giving these instant cereals a try!


The Wild Zora brand was a wild ride! Though there were ups and downs to each of the products in today’s post, there are still many other products I have yet to try. But, what I love most about the Wild Zora brand is that they are a simple company serving a need for simple foods.

Their “About Us” page boasts a touching story not too different than mine. Their nutrition and lifestyle needs weren’t being fulfilled by current products on the market. Instead of sitting around, they decided to do something about it. Where I decided to write and educate, they decided to cook and deliver. It’s brands like Wild Zora that help make eating clean easier for people like me.

May we all continue to fill the gaps where our talents, desires, and motivation are needed! Especially, when it comes to good food…wink!

Wild Zora Product Review

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