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My name is Stephanie. I’m a passionate foodie, food allergy mom, Paleo diet lover, and now…future homesteader.

Years of watching my family struggle to fit inside the modern “box”, left me feeling drained and our family divided. After a health diagnosis and a nationwide pandemic pushed me to my wits end, I decided it was time to chart a new course.

I’m determined to embrace a “back to basics” way of life by eating cleaner, living simpler, and focusing on the things that truly matter. Family, faith, and FOOD!

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New to Paleo?

Everyone has to start somewhere. Fortunately for you, I’ve been a Paleo newbie myself and know how overwhelming getting started can be. Follow along as I guide you through the first steps on your journey in a playful and easy way.

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Do you, or a loved one, suffer from food allergies?

As the mom of a son with severe food allergies, education, advocacy, and awareness have become my top priorities. With that being said, I believe there are many ways to embrace eating safely while still having fun!

Are you ready turn life’s lemons into lemonade? Click the Food Allergy Hub button to learn more.

Ever wish you could go back in time and just slow down?

More and more people are starting to realize the importance of, and even long for, simpler times. Clean eating, homesteading, permaculture, and foraging have become booming trends…and guess what? My family is joining in!

Hitch a ride with Messy Masterpiece and her family on the journey “back to basics” on their homestead, Back Acres.

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